R&D is the engine of the Aguettant innovation strategy, a key element in the competitiveness of the company.

Throughout its entire history, we have combined pharmaceutical and technological knowledge to focus on the improvement of patient care and makes procedures easier and safer for medical staff.

The R and D teams work on perfecting new formulations, particularly in the fields of injectable medicines, a more effective care of the patients from hospital to home and the contribution of new solutions of unmet medical needs.


As a combined product specialist, we offer innovative solutions gathering pharmaceutical and technological know-how to patients and medical staff. 

AGUETTANT develops innovative products to improve the safety and ease of procedures performed on patients by the healthcare professionals.

We develop formulations and original delivery devices requiring minimal handling.

We currently owns fifteen patents for innovative delivery systems.

Our developed ready-to-use devices :

  • are decreasing the emergency medicines preparation time,
  • are improving the sterility level of assurance and,
  • are strongly reducing the risk of medical error.

These ergonomic devices, associated to optimized formulations, without conservatives, simplify the injectable medicines administration. 


We are actively listening to healthcare professionals and patients need and also scientific progress, we lean on a expert network and strategic partners to introduce and lead RandD innovative projects.

Scientific collaborations with external companies and academic units are regular and allow development of R&D knowledge as well as enhancement of the value of its know-how and intellectual property.


Based on the needs identified, R&D defines the key axes of research, develops solutions and coordinates projects, from products design to launch on the market.

The different stages of the R&D process are :  

  • development of technologies and of innovative delivery systems;
  • pharmaceutical development: formulation and process development;
  • analytical development and manufacturing of batches for the verification of product conformity and stability
  • elaboration of reports and data compilation for the registration of products;
  • transfer into production with upscaling and associated validations;
  • maintenance of products during the life cycle: improvement and upgrades in order to follow regulatory changes.