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Pre-filled syringes

The safer use of medicines is our top priority. Our products improve the safety of medical practices and the medication errors prevention.

The Aguettant pre-filled syringe : an helpful tool for the medication errors prevention

We consider that the incidence of medication errors in the administration of drugs by injected bolus in anesthesia is estimated 1 in 200 anesthetics*.

Emergency and stress situations known in the operating block create favourable conditions for the occurrence of errors.

All the injectable medicine preparation steps are potential sources of risk : selection | Reconstruction | Dilution | Administration.

Our pre-filled syringes range is an integral part of the Risk control and prevention process.

*Webster C.S. et al. A prospective, randomised clinical evaluation of a new safety-orientated injectable drug administration system in comparison with conventional methods. Anaesthesia, 2004. 

The Aguettant pre-filled syringe

This medical device allows to reduce the medication errors risks related to the preparation and the administration of emergency medicines.

The range of pre-filled syringe

The first pre-filled syringe was launched in 2009.

Since then, the range filled out and now contains:

  • Vasopressor (éphédrine and phényléphrine)
  • catecholamine products (adrenalin)
  • antiarrhythmic drug (atropine)