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Emergency medicines

We are a key player in the hospital sector, with many of our products being classed as "essential".

The access to this essential medicines is at the heart of our concerns. These medicines are in particular : catecholamines, local and regional anaesthetics and algology. 

Catecholamines are sympathomimetics substances, it means that they are able to entail a similar answer to that observed during the sympathetic system activation.

The main products among catecholamines are:


In IV, Noradrenaline is used in the collapse emergency treatment and for blood pressure restoration and preservation.

Adrenalin (or Epinephrine)

The Adrenalin Aguettant is indicated in:

  • the cardiovascular arrest treatment
  • the anaphylactic shock treatment
  • the cardio-circulatory distresses treatment with states of anaphylactic, hemorrhagic, traumatic, infectious or secondary shock related to the cardiac surgery
  • the haemostatic treatment of the high active digestive bleedings (ranks IA and IB of Forrest's classification), not related to a portale high blood pressure, during an endoscopic treatment and in association in other methods (thermal, mechanical, medicinal).


The Ephedrine Aguettant is indicated in the low blood pressure treatment.