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With over 30 years of expertise in designing combinations of trace elements for parenteral nutrition, we are a specialist in micronutrients.

For total parenteral nutrition, micronutrients must always be combined with macronutrients.

That's why we offer a range with electrolytes, vitamins and trace elements.


As an expert in injectable micronutrients, in 2011 we founded an institute to focus on Essential Micronutrients (trace elements, vitamins and electrolytes).

The role of the AGUETTANT Institute is :

  • to promote compliance with guidelines on good practice published by scientific societies,
  • to encourage the inclusion of essential micronutrients in care protocols,
  • to contribute to clinical research
  • to take part in the training for physicians prescribing parenteral nutrition and care teams.

The Institute is represented in France and Europe by a scientific committee of experts in the field.