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Up to now, no treatment allows to stop the Parkinson's disease evolution. Our therapeutic challenge consists in improving the care of this disease in the patient's home.

The driving complications appearance marks the end of the first stage of the Parkinson's disease, said "honeymoon", where the symptoms were controlled. Then "ON" stages are alternating when the patient is well, and stages " OFF " when symptoms reappear.

Among the fluctuating patients, 25 % present "On-Off" fluctuations often disturbing, sometimes predictable or unpredictable, sometimes painful. They are described by the patients as " slow downs, difficult times, shiver periods, slow periods, periods when my medicines do not work ..."

Our mission is to contribute to improve the Parkinson's disease patients life quality

We register our expertise on the advanced stage of the disease : when the driving signs wake up and become invalidating for the patient.